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Poppy & Dot is a small, family owned business that brings fun back into fashion. The boutique has its roots in a time where mixing patterns and prints became crazy popular. (Tell me you didn’t own a maxi dress with stripes and florals!) Ten years later, we want to bring you clothes that make you smile, every time you walk into your closet! 

We study body shape to understand what styles flatter the unique woman you are.

We take time and are intentional about the clothing we offer, curating collections for the modern, busy woman.

We love to laugh and post something funny on social media daily to add color and fun to your day.

Poppy & Dot is the place to go to relax, unwind, laugh a little, and find other women who just get it. 

After all, life isn’t always fun… but your outfit can be!

Spring/Summer 2022 Trends

Spring/Summer 2022 Trends

This year's spring and summer trends for 2022 resurrect oldies but goodies. You'll have fun creating your go-to outfits with timeless pieces that you probably already have in your closet. If you're clueless or feeling uninspired, check out this blog for fresh style inspirations you can play around with to spice up your looks this season. 
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Travel in Style

Travel in Style

Here are our requirements for a travel ready wardrobe:

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Easy to pack
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • And, as always, flattering, feel good, and maybe just a dash of FUN
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Hitch Perfect - the wedding what to wear guide

Hitch Perfect - the wedding what to wear guide

I just attended a lovely garden wedding. I spent more time stressing over what to wear than I did on the gift registry! Silly, right? I mean I own a boutique. And yet I obsessed over all the things. What are the colors? What about the weather? Will my heels sink in the lawn (the answer to that is yes)? What will flatter (again, boutique owner etiquette states you must look GOOD at all social events)? And I hadn’t even started planning what to make my kids wear…
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