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Girl's Night Out!

Girl's Night Out!

Girl’s Night Out                


Who out there is dying to be out with the girls again? All this stay at home stuff getting you down? FaceTime, Zoom, and Marco Polo is just not the same, is it? So let’s start planning!


First, let’s get a lay of the land. What kinds of locations are available to you right now, or in the near future? Are there local parks for a picnic? Will a backyard do? Or are you one of the lucky ones that have local businesses available, maybe with some patio seating for your get together? Maybe a beach or a lake… or could you go for a car round up in a parking lot somewhere? Wherever it is, make sure you have a way for great conversation to be heard. Because the talking and the laughter are a must!


When I think back on my favorite nights with my favorite women, one thing is always part of the picture…the FOOD! We sampled every cuisine genre, especially if dessert was involved. Whether it’s your favorite national chain, or your go-to local offering, you need some good eats with your girls. Some of our local eateries have begun to open, and I have never been so happy to sit down in a booth and have unlimited diet coke refills again! If this is not the case in your town, take out is another great option. Drive thru, drive up or delivery have been lifesavers these past months. Don’t forget to ask for utensils if you won’t be eating on location.


Now that we see the plan coming together, we need to start thinking about what to wear. For me, getting a chance to wear something that isn’t part of my “momiform” is a huge part of the girl’s night appeal! A top that’s not a tee, some white jeans, and a great pair of clogs…add some hoops in your ears that you never wear at home because the baby just cannot leave them alone…and you are ready!

Or take your favorite strappy sandals out for a stroll with a flowing dress and a hat to top things off. Now let’s say you are more relaxed and want some comfort while you eat and chat. Grab some shorts, a white tee, and throw a lace cardigan over the top. Add some comfy-cute sandals, and BAM, you are ready! Add a little edge to your style with distressed denim and a graphic tee. Or, if you want to really make it a night to remember, you can dust off your LBD and black pumps to say you are ready to go out in style. (Heck, a little white dress might be just the thing too!) Add a denim jacket to say I’m ready for whatever the night has in store.


I was lucky enough to have these amazing women with me on my last GNO. It was a fabulous night, filled with everything a girl needs to recharge her batteries, laughter, fashion, food, and our very own Dancing Queen sing-a-long!


No matter what you wear, what you eat, or where you go, when you are in the company of true friends, you will find your happy place. You will come away with new energy, new motivation, and new optimism for the future.

<3 Tami

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