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Hitch Perfect - the wedding what to wear guide

Hitch Perfect - the wedding what to wear guide

I just attended a lovely garden wedding. I spent more time stressing over what to wear than I did on the gift registry! Silly, right? I mean I own a boutique. And yet I obsessed over all the things. What are the colors? What about the weather? Will my heels sink in the lawn (the answer to that is yes)? What will flatter (again, boutique owner etiquette states you must look GOOD at all social events)? And I hadn’t even started planning what to make my kids wear…

The Seline Floral Tiered Midi Dress

Here are a few tips to make your next “I need to look fabulous” event a little easier!

Location, location, location. Where is the event going to be? Indoor, outdoor, windy beach? Knowing where you’ll be and the potential heat index is crucial to picking the right outfit. 

Warm weather: choose lightweight, breathable fabrics. Add a pretty sandal and maybe a wide brimmed hat for sun protection.

Wind possibility: Living in the bay area for 20+ years taught me that wind was ALWAYS a possibility! Choose a style that will stay in place. Fitted dresses or a great pair of dress pants will keep you from those awful Marilyn Monroe moments! Avoid flowing skirts and wrap dresses that could easily fly open.

Indoor: This one can be tricky. Indoor events tend to be on the formal side of things, so I would always lean toward fabrics that are sleek and special occasion-y. Chiffon, satin, silk (or silk looking), along with velvet for cooler months, will show off your puttin’ on the ritz style. Consider statement pieces with a beautiful puff sleeve and a pencil skirt. And the shoes, oh the shoes! I am always on the ‘sacrifice comfort for style’ team, but for a wedding that has dancing potential, you really should choose a shoe that you can wear comfortably for more than an hour or two. A great wedge or a chunky heel will support and still look fab. 

The Sherwood midi dress

No matter what you choose, my #1 piece of advice is, “shoulders back, chest high, feet apart, head up and strut!” (Okay, maybe not the feet apart part, but that Mushu was genius!) Be confident, and your outfit will only serve to complement the amazing woman you are!

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