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Poppy & Dot | Women's Clothing | Black Denim Jeans

Social Distancing Style

What does style have to do with social distancing? I say, though not as crucial as toilet paper, style can make one’s day better. Brighter. Possibly even a little lighter.

Here we are in the beginning of life unforeseen. Fear and anxiety are the new normal. Uncertainty surrounds us and threatens our every move. And yet, we are striving to wade through the stress and strife and carve out a new normal for ourselves and our loved ones.

Week one was a novelty. Sweatpants and hoodies prevailed. Comfort was king as we all started to adjust to having our people all at home. All. The. Time. Online school was, dare I say, fun?! And if not exactly fun, it was at least a change of pace. Kids (and parents) got to sleep in. There were no lunches to pack. And even working slowly, the work was all done by noon.

Week two, then, three, and now four seem like a whole new ballgame. Kids and parents alike are less motivated, and probably more worried. We have all this time to fill that we didn’t have before. But how long will this last? Kids miss their friends. Parents wonder what to do if hours are cut or jobs are lost. And no one really knows, well, it starts to feel like no one knows anything at all.

So let’s get to the better part. The part we can influence. The things we can control. The stuff we know.

As I looked at my closet this morning, I saw a whole bunch of things that have not seen the light of day. Dresses and heels looking so neglected and forlorn. Coats and scarves collecting dust. And a beautiful array of colorful tops that I used to pull out regularly, regardless of whether I was headed to work or just to pick up my kids from school. Each item of clothing was thoughtfully picked and purchased with the intent to wear it, not to just let it hang. And since I now have the time to have actual thoughts instead of just rushing from place to place, I thought, Why? Why am I not using this resource of mine?

Have you ever gotten ready in the morning, selected an outfit, done make-up and hair, added an accessory or two, and thought, man! I look good! If you have never told yourself that you look amazing, that is a different issue altogether. And we need to work on that. But if you have, I want you to remember how that felt. And I am telling you now that feeling is 100% within your control. Just because you aren’t out in the world to be seen, you can style yourself just for you! And maybe a significant other, or pet, or child, any of these can bask in your awesomeness as well.

I am here to tell you that you are worth it. You are beautiful. You have a style that is totally, completely, and uniquely you! Don’t hide it. Don’t wait for some stupid virus to go away to enjoy the dress, the shoes, the jeans, the skirt, the top. And I’m not just saying this as a small online boutique owner. I’m saying this in the name of self-expression, the name of creativity, in the ever lovin’ name of humanity! You get to be you, no matter what.

Don’t let the things you cannot control rob you of the things that bring you joy. And whether it’s a graphic tee and distressed denim, or a blazer with that perfect skinny jean. Maybe it’s a flowy dress with clogs or a pencil skirt with a peplum top. Whatever it is, let it see the light of day! And then you might just find that being quarantined for an undetermined amount of time becomes a little more bearable. Plus, it makes for better IG posts and FB photos. You might not even need a filter! And that smile, that lightness in your heart will carry over to all those around you, even if you only see them from a safe distance or through a screen.

Now, go get dressed! :)

<3 Tami

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