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Supportive Spectator Style

Supportive Spectator Style


game day style in the greer swiss dot dress

Hiya ladies! Are you spending your weekends relaxing on a beach somewhere? You are?? I’m so jealous…drink a pina colada for me, mkay?  As for me, weekends are chock full of chores, errands, and driving kids to all the games they play. If you are like me, sitting in a lawn chair, in the hot sun/cold rain/crazy wind, I am sending you all the good thoughts and wishes for unlimited starbucks and a slice of anything but the Little Caesars pizza they brought for the kids. Oh, and here are my style tips for being a supportive spectator!

  1. Be Comfortable! There is nothing worse than sitting on the hard bleachers in too tight jeans. Pick a relaxed fit dress (you can TOTALLY wear a dress, promise),pants that give a little, or go for a skirt that has plenty of stretch.
  2. Layer up! Be prepared for whatever the weather will be. (Maybe check your weather app before you go!) For games that start in the afternoon and end after sundown, you are going to want long sleeves, a fun pullover, or a cute cardigan to keep you warm and snug.
  3. Hats & Sunglasses for the win! Don’t forget these key accessories to keep you from being sunburned and blinded on the visitor side that inevitably faces directly into the sun.

Load up your stadium blankets, sliced oranges and don’t forget your phone charger (you know, for all the video and pictures you’ll be taking) and get your GO TEAM ON!!!


supportive spectator style greer swiss dot dress in olive

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