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The Marian Jean Jacket in Medium Wash



I am guessing that you did not know that the first known jean jacket was invented in 1880 by the same man who invented jeans. It was originally designed to be worn by cowboys and miners to stand up to the hard work that they faced in their daily jobs. How far that humble denim jacket has come! Our denim jacket is rather elevated from that original working garment, but it has a nod to the original with its functioning shiny buttons. It has the appearance of vintage denim due to its intentional fading on the shoulders and around the pockets and is the perfect medium denim color to wear during every season. From cool summer nights worn with a tank top, to crisp fall days with a cute scarf, this versatile jacket does it all. Just remember to give a silent thanks to the hard workers of the 1800s who knew a good thing when they had it! 

Small Bust: 36"
Medium Bust: 38"
Large Bust: 40"
Length: approx. 20"
-Allover vintage distress 
-Long Sleeve with Buttoned Cuffs
-2 Front Pockets
-Cropped Length
Fabric: 79% Cotton / 20% Polyester / 1% Spandex
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