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The Auden Skirt in Heather Grey-Size XL

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Picture yourself on a hot summer day. You promised to take your neighbor’s kids to the zoo, so you threw on a pair of jeans and are trudging along in the heat as the kids run ahead in their cool summer outfits. Your excited charges are having a great time, talking to the animals and pointing out their favorites, but the temperature has reached 100*, and you feel boiled! Now, picture that same scenario, but you are wearing our Auden Skirt instead of jeans. The right outfit can make such a difference, and an A-line skirt is one of the best choices you can make on a hot day. Of course, this skirt is built with you in mind with the addition of pockets! In our cool summer skirt and one of our adorable graphic tee-shirts you will feel nice and fresh and will look forward to those hot summer days! 

Small Waist: 24"
Medium Waist: 26"
Large Waist: 28"
XL Waist: 30"
Length: approx. 25"
-Elastic Waistband
Fabric: 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex


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