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The Brocklyn Tie Dye Dress in Olive

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Even though  we are all stuck at home, this dress  can take us  to another place. Imagine  that the sunlight  is  shining  through your window and wakes you up. Without even looking at a clock, you can tell that it is  early  but you eagerly jump up to start your day. You pull on your  Brocklyn  Tie-Dye  Dress  and step outside. The sun is shining off the crystal-clear ocean below and the white buildings all look slightly blue as they reflect the water. This day already feels magical. Ok, we may not be enjoying this fantasy Greek  morning, but why can't we capture  these  magical feelings at home? Choosing the right outfit can be the first step! This beautiful maxi dress is  soft,  flowing and loose, but the tie-dye makes it the latest in trending women's style.  The length is perfect for lounging, but the side vents make it easy to move around in.  Its versatility means you can wear it as a dress or swim coverup (to the ocean in Greece or your backyard pool). How will you choose between the beautiful iris and sage colors?  Don't!  Choose both so you can wear  this dress  every day!  

Small Bust: 36"
Medium Bust: 38"
Large Bust: 40"
Length: approx. 58"
-Cuffed Sleeves
-V Neckline
-Side Slits
Fabric: 100% Rayon
**Due to the nature of tie dye, each piece may vary from the one pictured**

Chloe is 5'8 and wearing a small.


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