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The Carice Embroidered Tiered Dress in White

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In Sweden, Midsummer is celebrated around the summer solstice. Swedish women wear their embroidered dresses and gather in parks to enjoy the celebration. They  get  together as friends and family and eat strawberries, weave flower crowns and dance around a traditional Maypole. At night, a bonfire is lit and the party continues! Our Carice Embroidered Tiered Dress is reminiscent of the beautiful  floral  dresses worn by the Swedes in their celebrations.  It has a full, tiered skirt that would be perfect for dancing around a Maypole or for sitting on a  blanket and weaving flower wreaths. The sleeve is a perfect short length, covering the upper arm,  and  is  decorated in the delicate flower pattern that flows all over this gorgeous summer dress. Throw on some strappy sandals and  this  cutie would be ideal to wear to a fancy evening out  or pair it with flats for a playful day out. In celebration or casual fun, this embroidered beauty is perfection.  

Small Bust: 36"
Medium Bust: 38"
Large Bust: 40"
XL Bust: 42"  
Length: 44"
Fabric: 100% Rayon


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