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The Lilly Ruffled Dress in Tangerine

$25.00 $40.00

When my niece was 11, she decided that she wanted a tangerine colored dress. She had the perfect ruffled vision in mind. I swear that I took her to every store in the mall looking for this “unicorn” dress. Unfortunately, nothing in real life matched her vision. Guess what? She is ordering this dress. As it turns out, she has not forgotten her desire for this perfect dress, and our lovely Lily Ruffled Dress is the tangerine dress of her dreams! The versatility of this knee length dress is an absolute dream for fall. Sunny fall day? Wear this beauty with a pair of white Vans and a delicate necklace. Cold fall day? Pair it with leather booties and a vintage denim jacket. The ruffles add a romantic touch to this fall cutie, and the crossover top with a tiny clasp makes this the perfect fall choice for nursing moms. Be like my niece and do not let this autumn vision pass you by! 

Small Bust: 34"
Medium Bust: 36"
Large Bust: 38"
XL Bust: 40"
Length// Front: 40" // Back: 46"
Nursing Friendly Snap Closure
Elastic Waistline
Fabric: 100% Polyester

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