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The Margo Ankle Strap Shoes in White

$15.00 $40.00

Imagine strolling through the French Quarter in New Orleans. The air is steamy, so you are wearing a gauzy dress and your Margo Ankle Strap Shoes. There is nothing like a pair of strappy heels to give you a sense of confidence. You hold your head higher, throw your shoulders back and walk like a woman who owns the world. You arrive at your destination and climb the stairs to where your friends await you on a balcony overlooking the street. As you join them, you lean over the balcony taking in the gorgeous scene of New Orleans at twilight. Everyone notices your style, including your alligator-look shoes. These sassy sandals are the latest style for women. T
hey match all your spring and summer dresses and elevate your
look every time you wear them!
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