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The Porcho Myarda Graphic Top in Cream


Stuck at home this summer like most of us? Have you watched your way through all of Netflix, Prime and Hulu? Have you started thinking of trips to the grocery store as an event? I am not going to lie; I was still a bit shocked when my son came dashing into the garage to join us after I texted that we were running to the grocery store. Let us be honest, life has gotten weird! Why not make the best of it and throw in a little humor? Join us in commemorating Summer 2020 Porcho Myarda! My porch and my yard have become special places this summer, and I am sure you would agree! Let us hope that this will be a once in a lifetime summer, so grab a funny graphic tee to bring a little lightness to the situation. Unfortunately, it is no Puerta Vallarta, but Porcho Myarda will have to do. 

Small Bust: 34”
Medium Bust: 38”
Large Bust: 44”
XL Bust: 48”
Fabric: 100% Cotton

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