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The Taryn Contrast Top in Animal Print


A few years ago, I was visiting Yellowstone National Park, and it became unexpectedly cold. Fortunately, I was able to buy the softest, coziest raglan-style long sleeve t-shirt to get me through the chilly day. That top became my go-to comfort shirt. I wore it on mornings that were just a bit cold, when I really wanted to feel like I was wearing a comforting hug. Our Taryn Contrast Top is our offering to you of the softest, coziest raglan-style long sleeve tee! You will love the hip contrasting animal print sleeves, and the grey color, which is right on trend for fall. The sleeves and body are longer and comfier to help you transition from summer into those cool fall days. Wear it with your favorite women’s joggers or comfortable jeans. And if you find yourself heading to Yellowstone this fall? Be sure to throw this cute women’s top into your bag! 

Small Bust: 38"
Medium Bust: 40"
Large Bust: 42"
Length: 27"
Fabric: 68% Polyester / 28% Rayon / 4% Spandex

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