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About Us - Meet The New Owners

Hello Friends!
In 2013, we started shipping clothing from the basement of our homes with the help of our friends and family. In the 7 years since, we’ve expanded into our own warehouse, built a team of smart, empowered women, and have grown this small startup into a multi-million-dollar empire!
And it has been a whirlwind of adventure, highs and lows, massive growth (both personal and professional), and a journey to the heart of what Poppy & Dot is and stands for. 
Over the years, you’ve welcomed Poppy & Dot into some of the most special and intimate moments of your lives. From home, school pickup, and hospitals to funerals, weddings and more. 
You took “Live Poppy & Dot” and ran with it! 
You showed us that the women who shop at Poppy & Dot are who we always envisioned they would be; moms, wives, daughters, aunts, entrepreneurs, beauty gurus, CEOs, and rockstars who are changing the world and want to look good doing it. And we love that you look forward to our pink packages as much as we love putting them in the mail with your goodies (and candy) enclosed! 
Since day one, we knew that we wanted Poppy & Dot to have a place in the closets of women worldwide. Our goal and mission was to grow our store, brand, and community, and when the time was right, find the right individuals to take Poppy & Dot through this next phase.
We feel so incredibly excited to introduce you to Tami and Jeff Piper, the new owners of Poppy & Dot! While this new commitment lacked the drama of any proposal on The Bachelor, it definitely feels written in the stars! 
Placing Poppy & Dot in their hands has felt so right from day one and it’s because they have the spunk, the know-how, and the resources that Poppy & Dot needs to be that global powerhouse! Their attention to detail and big hearts are just what is needed to usher in this next phase.
So what does this mean for you, our loyal rockstars and friends? You can expect to see more of Tami and Jeff as they really dig in! You’ll also continue to see new and exciting styles at incredible prices each day at Poppy & Dot.
And don’t worry…you haven’t gotten rid of us just yet! TAYLA will always be a part of what makes this wonderful company what it is! We love you all and appreciate your continued support and purchases over the years. We know we speak for everyone at Poppy & Dot when we say that we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store! 
XoXo - Layla and Tara
You may ask “Who are Tami and Jeff, and why in the world do they want a company like Poppy and Dot?”
What is your why? Why do you have the life you do? What makes you feel alive? Like you have purpose? What brings you joy?
For us, the answers to those questions often change. It is said that there is a time and a season for everything. Well, for the last 22 years together, we have worked to build a life and raise a family. We have five amazing children, and one wonderful daughter-in-law. We’ve lived in a few different places, but have always felt that Jeff’s hometown of Morgan Hill, California was “home-base”. About a year ago, we decided it was time to make a change. It was time to create a new home for our family in my hometown of Logan, Utah. And soon after that decision, we found Poppy and Dot. 
Clothing is one of my passions. Through it, I can be creative. I can express myself. I can be anything or anyone! I have used an outfit to be confident, to be cozy, to be fun, or to get stuff done. I believe that every woman should be excited to put on her clothing every morning! Clothes should fit. Clothes should be comfortable. Clothes should tell the world who you are. As we fill our lives with careers, or children, or education, or travel, our clothes need to be convenient, functional, and stylish. That is what I feel Poppy and Dot can provide each of us. Poppy and Dot can fit you. Poppy and Dot can fit your life, your style, your needs, and your budget… and it’s sent right to your front door! I cannot wait to see what Poppy and Dot can do for you! We are excited to see you and your style. 
Tami & Jeff

Hello You!

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