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The Canna Tie Dye Cardigan or Swim Cover in Navy

$14.97 $35.00

Have you ever visited the redwood trees in Northern California?
It is a magical area of towering
redwoods with ferns and greenery covering the ground underneath.
You can see the One Log House made from a tree that is so big around that it could be made into a small house or check out the
Grandfather Tree that is 1800 years old and 24 feet around!
The coastline there is rugged and moody,
littered with giant boulders and often shrouded in fog.
University students hang out here in their tie dye shirts, so our Canna Tie Dye Cardigan is just the type of versatile women’s clothing you will need on a trip like this. It often gets cold in those forests, so a nice cardigan will give you just the touch of warmth you need. When you hit the beach for a cool dip or a trip in a kayak, this cardigan can double as beach clothes as you throw it on over your swimsuit. You will blend with the locals in their tie dye and feel on trend in the latest style! 

Open Front Design
Length Measurements (from the back) approx. 32"
Fabric: 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex
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