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The Kanah Midi Dress in Animal Print

$14.97 $60.00

I used to have a beautiful midi wear everywhere dress. It was literally the perfect outfit choice for every setting, plus, it was loose, flowing, and always comfortable. I wore it to ultra-dressy occasions, like wedding receptions and evenings out and to more casual workdays and movie nights with the gals. Alas, time passed, and my midi dream dress fell out of favor. Fortunately, the minute I laid my eyes on our Kanah Midi Dress, I knew she was back in her modern form! This gorgeous animal print dress is definitely one of our more comfortable dresses, and the pockets on the side take it to the next level! Wear it with navy converse for a boho look that will take you on day in the city, checking out museums and dining in streetside cafes or pair it with ballet flats and statement jewelry for a fancier night on the town. Your new wear everywhere dress awaits! 

Small Bust: 36"
Medium Bust: 38"
Large Bust: 40"
Length// Front: 42" // Back: 46"
Fabric: 100% Rayon


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